Increase Your Home’s Value With Burlington Painting And Cleaning

February 9, 2012 at 4:39 pm | Category: Cabinet Refinishing

Burlington Painting And Cleaning

Whether you’re forced to move because of a job change, want to take advantage of the depressed market to find a bigger house, or need to find something smaller, selling a house in a downturned market can be extremely stressful.

To eliminate stress, make a few thoughtful updates to your house before you ever put it on the market. Making these updates can help ensure a short time on the real estate market and a quick sale for you.

Cabinet Refinishing

It’s said that kitchens and baths sell homes. A house with an old, outdated kitchen with cupboards that look like they’re 20-30 years old can sit on the market for a long time, while an updated kitchen can sell a home quickly.

If it’s not in your budget to replace the cupboards (and who wants to do all that work in a house they won’t own in a few months?), consider cabinet resurfacing. There are two types of resurfacing: cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing. Refinishing is a cheaper option over cabinet refacing, and is usually a better option if you’re looking for an improved look on a strict budget.

Burlington cabinet refinishing involves removing the doors and drawers, sanding down the existing structures and then applying a new coat of paint or stain to change the look. This can be done by handy homeowners, but many people choose to hire a company that offers expert cabinet refinishing services.

Repaint In A Neutral Color

If your home is full of bright, bold colors or outdated wallpaper, consider repainting before putting your house on the market. Choose a neutral beige and repaint the interior.

Whatever you do, however, don’t have the wallpaper painted over. Take the time to remove it properly and the next owners will thank you.

Have Your Home Clean With Pressure Washing

Even the dirtiest house can see a marked improvement with professional Pressure washing. However, don’t think that a machine that you can rent at a local home improvement store will do the job.

There’s a big difference in the cleaning power that you’ll get when you pressure wash yourself as opposed to when a professional pressure washes. Make sure to point out any areas that you’re worried about so the cleaners can pay special attention to them.

Price It Right

Even in a downturned market, homes can sell quickly if you have it priced correctly. Whether you’re working with a realtor or trying to sell it on your own, do a little research before putting your house on the market.

Use real estate websites to find comparable homes for sale in your area and price yours just slightly below theirs. If your house shows better (and it should if you’ve made thoughtful updates) and is priced lower, there will be no comparison when potential buyers have a showing of both homes.

No matter when you try to sell your home, it’s a stressful situation. To lessen the stress, take the time to make some thoughtful updates like Burlington cabinet resurfacing, repainting and pressure washing. Small things like this can add up to a big sale, if you do it right.

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