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Colchester house painterHiring a Colchester painting contractor should involve more than just making a few phone calls and picking out colors. After all, these Colchester painters will spend several days or weeks remodeling your house and working around all your prized possessions. It pays to take some time to evaluate who will be doing this type of home improvement project. Be wary of anyone who asks for a substantial down payment and never give anyone more than 50% of the price up front.

Remember, trust goes both ways! Like most small Colchester paint contractors, never ask for money up-front, but if the job is going to take a while it is only fair to get payments commensurate with work completed. Hire someone based on track record and your gut feeling as well as cost. Since you'll be working with this person and giving them access to your home, you'd better like and trust them! If the bid difference is minimal, I think it's better to go with the contractor you feel better about even if it costs a little more.

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