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Wood Staining in BurlingtonWood stains are still part of the category of paint. It even still has the same formulation of binder, dye, and solvent. However, these have a lesser amount of binder in it. The idea of why these stains are invented is to allow paint to seep even through holes and pores of wood. Unlike paint, it does not create a film covering the whole surface. It assumes the form of the painted material thereby creating a more authentic look rather than a plain and homogeneous finish. Many people wish to have their wood painted and knowing what paint to use and how to protect it is better left to a professional such as A Job Well Done, LLC. We are trusted for all your wood staining and painting needs.


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Bolton, VT | Buels Gore, VT | Burlington, VT | Charlotte, VT | Colchester, VT | Essex, VT | Essex Junction, VT | Hinesburg, VT | Huntington, VT | Jericho, VT | Milton, VT | Richmond, VT | Shelburne, VT | South Burlington, VT | St. George, VT | Underhill, VT | Westford, VT | Williston, VT | Winooski, VT

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