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4 Great Commercial Painting Tips For Richmond, VT

Commercial painting tips in Richmond VT

When you are painting your Richmond commercial interior, there are things that should be done by the contractor you choose. Other than a sloppy paint job, you want to avoid problems down the line after your commercial property has been painted. As professional painting contractors, A Job Well Done, LLC has plenty of tips for you when painting your commercial interior. Choosing an experienced Richmond commercial painter with high ethics is the first step of getting a painting job well done. You want your painting contractor to care about their work and how they treat your commercial property in Richmond.

Make Sure Your Drywall Is In Pristine Condition Before Commercial Painting

There’s nothing more off-putting than painting your Richmond commercial building and then later realizing how clearly the drywall imperfections show up. Paint cannot cover over drywall that has problems no matter how many coats of paint you apply. Textures may help, but drywall that is in poor condition generally tends to get worse. Painting over these problems won’t give you the results you want for the interior of your Richmond commercial building. Your painting contractor should make sure you know about drywall damages and offer you an estimate to repair them prior to any work.

Proper Prepping Before Painting Your Commercial Business

As a commercial property owner, you want to make sure your Richmond painting contractors know to properly seal and prepare any surfaces prior to painting. Cracks should be sealed with quality, durable sealants before painting. They should also make sure the drywall is in great shape as mentioned.

Never skip a good quality primer. Primer helps the paint to adhere and helps cover any previous color. Primer also keeps you from having to use more coats of paint. The right primer should be used as well. If you are painting with an oil based paint, an oil based primer should be used and with acrylic paint, and acrylic primer should be used.

Safety Concerns For Commercial Painting

With Richmond commercial painting, there are always safety concerns that need to be factored in to the painting project. Your painting contractor should be knowledgeable about your commercial needs when it comes to customer safety, interrupting business, and cleaning up afterward. Measures should be taken during the painting project to ensure areas are blocked off where necessary and warning signs are placed.

Proper Cleanup After Commercial Painting

Unfortunately, some Richmond commercial painting contractors can leave a mess after they work for you. All surfaces should be carefully protected and the proper cleanup done afterward. Your painting contractor should never leave your commercial building in a mess or clean up their tools in your sinks. You should have a pristine commercial interior that looks great every time!

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