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Tricks & Tips For Burlington Whole House Painting Projects

whole house painting

Painting can be a very cumbersome process that is not only time consuming but also takes a lot of physical energy. In fact, you have to be in pretty decent shape to do it regularly or to do whole house painting. You have to not only be able to reach and keep your arms going for long periods, but you’ll also experience some neck and back strain.

Painting your Burlington home, whether inside or outside, also requires the ability to get up and balance on a ladder. Not only will you be standing for long periods on a ladder, but you’ll also be handling tools, buckets, and more when you paint. Good balance is a must if you’re going to get on a ladder.

Allow Plenty Of Weekends For DIY Whole House Painting Projects

There are always people who are fully physically able to handle an entire house painting project and do it well. However, sometimes the issue is the time it takes to complete the work. Weekends are when most people try to complete home projects, and a lot of time is given for these that could be better spent with family or working to make the hard-earned income.

Often, when one weekend isn’t enough to get the job done, the project will go unfinished and could very well end up staying that way.

In spite of all the cons in doing it yourself painting at home, many will choose to handle the project themselves. Many experience success while others either don’t like the finished work they’ve done or they wish they had made other color choices. Some don’t do so well with the project and can’t quite finish before they realize they need a pro to step in.

If you have a painting project you would like to complete yourself, we will always offer our encouragement to you and say that if at any time you change your mind and need some help, we’ll be there. Just be sure you’re not stressed over getting the work completed over the weekend. Prepare in advance to allow several weekends of time if that’s what it takes. Then you and the family will enjoy the process more.

The Design Dilemma In Repainting

At our company, Fresh Coat Buffalo, we offer design services as well as our professional painting services. We are a professional painter service located in western New York and help our customers every day to achieve the results they want when repainting the interior or exterior of their homes.

If you decide to paint yourself, we thought you might be interested in a few tricks we’ve come across throughout the years that could help you. These aren’t how-to’s or step by step instructions, just a few little things we hope you will keep in mind so you get the results you are after and keep yourself safe.

Tips On Proper Interior House Painting

To begin with, you’ll need to make sure the surface of the wall you are going to paint is properly prepared in advance. You’ll need to ensure it’s smooth enough, as it should be according to the texture, with any damage repaired and then lightly sanded if appropriate for the texture.

Our first tip involves and an easy and inexpensive way to fill nail or screw holes. Try using squeeze toothpaste. You’ll need real, white paste of good consistency and not colored or liquid gel toothpaste. It is of a perfect consistency and squeezes out of the tube perfectly to fill in a lot of different hole sizes.

Just open the tube and place the top opening directly on the wall and squeeze very gently. You don’t even need a trowel or anything to push it in or smooth it afterward, just use a moist fingertip like you would caulk. Let it dry for 24 hours. With this trick, you won’t spend any money on silicone or other hole filling materials.

Another trick to save you money is to get a piece of stiff cardboard and hold it in your opposite hand when painting. You’ll use it as a shield to help you paint faster and not overlap paint onto the baseboards, ceilings, or other areas where it isn’t supposed to go. If you have a wooden clipboard or a vinyl notebook cover instead of cardboard, you’ll have even better luck with straight lines.

Just hold the shield in your left hand and place it along the lines of the area you don’t want to get paint on and then paint.

Tips On Painting Hard To Reach Areas

For safely painting hard to reach areas when you must use a ladder, make sure you have a helper with you. We say this not only for your safety but to also help your family or anyone who cares about you.

There are simply too many true stories of homeowners who have waited for someone to discover them after having fallen off a ladder. Imagine laying on the ground for hours with a broken body part.

Where To Get Help With Burlington Interior & Exterior Painting

If at any time you change your mind and want a professional painter to step in, we are standing by. A Job Well Done, LLC hires experienced, professional painters with years in the industry. Our Burlington painting contractors will provide you with all the assistance you need whether it is assistance with finishing the job or doing the entire project for you from the start. Just give us a call.

When you are looking for Professional Painting Contractors in Burlington, VT or surrounding areas, call 802-578-7128 or complete our online request form.